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Location, Hours and Access

  • Location: Second floor, terminal one. After exiting baggage reclaim and customs, pass through the public arrivals hall to the elevators at the opposite end of the space. Take the right hand elevator to the second floor - note that none of the other elevators serve this floor.
  • Opening Hours: 05:30 - 14:30
  • Phone: +44 (0) 20 8745 1725 during opening hours.
  • Access:
    • Business Class and Star Alliance Gold passengers arriving on overnight BMI British Midland International (BD) flights from African, Asian, Eastern European and Middle Eastern origins
    • Business, First class and Star Alliance Gold passengers arrival on all South African (SA)
    • Business, First class and Star Alliance Gold passengers arrival on all United (UA) arrivals.

Note: Star Alliance Gold customers on economy fares are not eligible regardless of airline. First and business passengers from other carriers are not eligible for entry.

General Impression

A new lounge of approximately three hundred square metres that opened in late April 2008 in advance of the Star Alliance airlines moving to T1 and the expansion of bmi service to mid-haul destinations formerly operated by BMED for British Airways.

The lounge is located on the second floor overlooking the check-in hall. It is not immediately easy to locate, with only one elevator serving it from arrivals and a series of functional fire doors separating it from that lift and rather undermining the attempt at elegance of the lounge entrance.

Upon entering reception is on your left and an attractive wooden feature wall carries your eye to the breakfast bar, which is ahead of you and on your left. To your right the space is divided in two, with a softer lounge seating area and a café style dining area with tables and chairs. Modern mesh dividers screen these spaces from the breakfast bar.

Passing along the length of the breakfast bar (the kitchen is enclosed behind it) and going around the back, there is a corridor of wash rooms and shower rooms.

Food and Beverages

A very generous breakfast buffet is offered with a number of additional warm options such as bacon or sausage rolls available to order from lounge staff. These may be delivered plated or wrapped to go if you're in a hurry.

From left to right, the breakfast bar offers:

  • bean-to-cup coffee and a selection of teas
  • boxed cereals, muesli and granola
  • various milks and yoghurts for the above
  • prepacked cereal and muesli bars, flapjacks
  • warm croissants, sweet pastries, fresh muffins
  • selection of jams (jellies), spreads, marmalades
  • grapefruit, orange and cloudy apple juice
  • 330ml cans of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke
  • 500ml bottles of still and sparkling water
  • fresh fruit

Showers and Spa

Each of the shower suites features a generous sink unit and mirror, toilet, hair-dryer and well proportioned shower alcove with black slate tiles. A double door panel in the door with adjacent call bell allows guests to have suits pressed while washing. At the time of writing there was a lack of coat hooks or hangers, but since hair-dryers have appeared since an early request for them in the guest book at reception, don't be surprised to find early omissions dealt with as the lounge becomes more busy.

Powerful shower with good temperature and pressure through a large shower head that is adjustable for angle but not height. Complimentary shampoo and shower gel is provided in hand pumps in the shower.

Entertainment and Business-facilities

Workspaces are provided at the far end of the lounge from where you enter, although at the beginning of July 2008 no computers were provided. T-Mobile and BT Openzone wireless internet connection. No free internet.

Special facilities and services

Clothes can be pressed on request. Be sure to notify the receptionist when you arrive, and then leave your suit in the two-way panel of the shower room door before pressing the call bell. Your clothes will be returned while you enjoy a shower.

As noted above, warm food can be served wrapped and ready to go if you are in a hurry to leave.

Lounge images

Visitor Comments

The description of the access rules for this lounge is quite misleading, and it caused me some distress during my last trip to London in April 2010. The page here says that "Business, First Class and Star Alliance Gold" passengers on select airlines have access, and then has a "Note" that goes on to say "Star Alliance Gold passengers on economy fares are not eligible". That directly contradicts the previous statement. As it turns out you have to be in paid Business or First Class, so your Star Alliance Gold status doesn't really matter. The description should be changed to remove the "Star Alliance Gold" category. My 2 cents. Ikanell 18:47, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Arrived from IAD on UA923 on 20 May 2010. After finding the elevator I noticed a sign that it was not in service so I had to take one of the other two to one level up and then walk, climb stairs, walk through these funny UK fire doors to finally arrive - all that with my luggage so hopefully the elevator is back in service now. The staff checked me in quickly and was friendly. They also added me immediately to the shower wait list. The staff then did a great job managing shower traffic for those who waited. I got there around 6:30 AM and was the first in line - no issue at all. Selection of cold (bottles/cans) and hot drinks was good for EU lounge standard. Several pre-packaged snacks and open items were available. Of course the nice thing are the warm items, some made to order . It was not busy so service was great all around. Nice touch - US and UK outlets are provided in columns so no converter required to charge up the laptop or phone In general, the lounge is not huge and the corridors are pretty narrow and there is a good amount of space for seating, good lighting and the A/C worked well. Very nice touch after a long TA flight and a good place to freshen up before heading into London. Tobias2801 14:45, 7 June 2010 (UTC)tobias2801Tobias2801 14:45, 7 June 2010 (UTC)

Arrived from ORD on UA938 on 4 July 2008, the first day of T1 operations for United. On-board crew were not yet aware of the arrivals lounge, so I doubt many people from my flight took advantage of it. The location isn't ideal; the swish sliding glass entrance doesn't look so grand when you have to take a specific elevator and then go through a pair of heavy fire doors to find it. However, it being a new lounge, everything was exceptionally clean and the staff were friendly, albeit non-native English speakers who needed clarification when I ordered a bacon roll. The shower was great after a flight, although the general design of the shower rooms and access corridor is more business class than first class. I made a few comments in the visitor's book at reception, and noticed that earlier requests for hair-dryers, etc, had been acted upon, so I encourage you to write your comments (good and bad) there so that the teething problems and omissions can be sorted out. Jamesbrownontheroad 17:39, 5 Jul 2008 (CEST)

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